Tools for Developers

Vagrant Development Environments

I've put together a few convenient Vagrant script sets to help you set up development environments in the form of Oracle Virtual Boxes. In any of these folders, you can use "" to build an environment, "" to destroy it, "" to run Vagrant Up and SSH into it, or just run "" to SSH into a currently running VirtualBox.

Check them out here!

WordPress Plugin: ACF Templating

This plugin allows you to use some markup within two [jet-acf-template] shorttags to display single or looped posts according to categories, post types, etc, as well as limit and paginate the results that come back up.

Check it out here!

Google Authentication with PHP

Here you'll find a very simple Google Authentication feature that you can modify and integrate into your own projects.

Check it out here!

Google Charts

A couple of simple libraries-in-progress for interfacing with Google Charts and Maps, bypassing some of the more complex aspects of working directly with their library.


Google Maps

A simple library for interfacing with Google Charts, bypassing some of the more complex aspects of working directly with their library.

Check it out here!

Python ppt-pdf-jpg Conversion

A set of scripts for quickly generating PDFs from PPT files, and for snapping a JPG thumbnail of the first slide in the set.

Check it out here!

Drag and Drop File Uploads

DropZone is a terrific library for managing a drag-and-drop file upload zone in your page, so that files dropped into the zone are immediately handled by a server side script to save or otherwise process the upload. This behavior is widespread on the internet at this point, used by all kinds of sites like Facebook, Imgur, Gmail and many more. There are many libraries and solutions out there, and of course this is only one of them, however in the spirit of simplication, I'm providing yet another pass-through script to help make use of the features of DropZone using minimal coding.

Click here to read about DropZone and download their library.

Click here to view examples and download the script.

Date and Time Selector for Input Fields

When entering a date and time into a form, you might want to collect database-friendly datetime format while allowing the user to visually select their date and time information. Drop this script into your file, and then you can use a simple onclick or onmousedown event in any input field you choose to call up a calendar with an optional time selector.

Click here to see it in action and grab the script!

CSS-only Pop-out/Drop-down Menus

While JavaScript can facilitate fancy animation and mouseover effects for pop-out and drop-down menus, it's actually not at all necessary. You can use some fairly simple CSS to get the same basic menu/submenu effect.

Click here to find out how!