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The Beckett Foundation: Saving Lives through Peace of Mind: supporting community safety nets to bring together dogs that need a home and seniors that need a companion.

AHEYM: The Archives of Historical and Ethnographic Yiddish Memories

Superman and God: Musings from Ballantine 666: A collection of writings from former academic colleagues on religion, superheroes, and everything in between.

True Wind Technology: A digital agency providing web development and data analytic services.

UNC Cancer Outcomes: WordPress for UNC Lineberger's Cancer Outcomes group with several custom plugins and theme tweaks.

CHIP DataAware: WordPress website for the Carolina Health Informatics Program's High School Summer Data Science workshops, with several custom plugins and theme tweaks.

True Wind Technology Website: A WordPress website for True Wind Technology, LLC. Development included the custom development of two plugins: one for templating Custom Post Type and Advanced Custom Field content in post content fields, and another for setting sitewide variables for reuse of common values throughout the site content.

Custom Field Templating Plugin: In an effort to reduce the need for backend editing just to display custom field contents using relatively simple looping and conditional logic, I coded out a plugin that lets you mark up page content logic using custom tags. It is implemented in a number of places, including CHIP, Enable and the Carrboro Run Club.

Carrboro Run Club: WordPress website for a local running club based out of Carrboro, North Carolina.

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ENABLE: Extensible Network-Accessible Biomedical & health informatics Long-term learning Environment.

October 28: a Wedding: A Wedding Website made using WordPress.

NC VEWAA Conference: Website for the NC Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment Association.

Shoes That Fit: Ongoing maintenance of a charitable organization's WordPress-driven website as a subcontractor for Parsons TKO.

Weathersfield HOA: A WordPress Website for a local Homeowner's Association.

Spotter Up Media: SpotterUp Media is a project to bring together combat veterans and industry professionals to share their ideas and experiences with one another to create media projects that have a lasting and positive impact. SpotterUp Media believes that it is our duty to honor our veterans and the interpreters who risked their lives to protect them.

WordPress on OpenShift: A Campus Case Study: Created a new WordPress installation on CloudApps, UNC's implementation of OpenShift. This case study explains some of the challenges involved, and how they were overcome.

UNC Carolina Health Informatics Program: Exported a remotely managed website, set up from scratch on a new server, developed a responsive variation of the old theme, installed necessary plugins, integrated UNC Onyen logins, and finally imported the content into the new environment.

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The Hague Institute for Global Justice: Worked with Parsons TKO to theme out and set up a new design for the Hague Institute.