Github: jetweedy

Incarceration Derivation: Wrote SQL script to replace a slow-running PHP script that was deriving incarceration spans from sets of daily jail records scraped from county jail rosters. Processing went from several minutes per file to a couple of seconds per file.

Map of Speech Accents: This project was built using data provided by George Mason University's Speech Accent Archive. Each subject recorded the same paragraph of text containing a wide variety of English language sounds. The Map shows pins for each of those samples in the subjects' respective birth locations.

Charting Vowel Space: A tool in progress for calculating vowel sound averages and distance from a centroid. Recent addition: you can now register for an account and then save your data as you go along. Coming soon: a normalization option based on average centroid.

Aggregated Data: Visualizing Cancer Outcomes Data for Cohort Discovery.

Project Tracking: Sortable project tracking grid and task assignment.

Letters Across the Pond: A Digital Library Project.

Settings in Space and Time: Visualizing Browning's Influence on Swinburne

Literary Empires: Mapping Temporal and Spatial Settings of Victorian Poetry: Mapping the influence of Browning on the Geographic Settings of Swinburne.

Salary Research Tool: Charting Indiana University System Salary Data with Color Coding Options

College Search Tool: Plotting college search results using Google Maps and IPEDS Data.

JobTortoise: Search, Map, Save and Share Academic and Government Jobs