Github: jetweedy

ReadActive: Interactive Story Builder: Under Construction! Remember those 'Choose Your Own Adventure' stories? This tool allows users to build those kinds of interactive stories and share them with others to read. A fun way to practice reading and thinking in another language, this tool will eventually also feature vocabulary lists and flashcard deck generation capabilities. The project is written in Python, hosted on AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and stores its data on an AWS DynamoDB instance.

Python PPT to PDF to JPG Conversion Scripts: These files are used to convert ppt(x) files to pdfs, and then to convert the first pages of those pdfs to jpgs. It is primarily used to post presentations with thumbnails on the Carolina Health Informatics Program website. Each of the two conversion files may require some customization to look in the correct paths. You'll also need to create 'pdf', 'jpg' and 'ppt' folders in the same directory if they aren't already there.

Data Compilation: Helping a sociology graduate student use the pandas, difflib, lxml, and fuzzywuzzy modules to create a Python script to unzip and compile NY Times article texts into a pre-existing list of titles based on date and title string similarity, in order to build a cohesive collection to be used for further analysis.